quotesbefore.pngOur son immediately connected with Courtney as a friend and someone he respects. She made learning seem like playing, teaching him skills while encouraging language development. When he acts out, she is both professional and strategic in teaching him boundaries and to be respectful. I regularly reach out to Courtney for advice and guidance on developmental challenges and her guidance is always specific and actionable.

Allison P., Boca Raton, FL

quotesbefore.pngMy son was a late talker and for the longest time our pediatrician told us not to worry, but a family friend referred me to Courtney for a consultation. Courtney came to our house and within 10 minutes was able to recognize that my wife and I weren’t giving our son enough of an opportunity to express his intentions. We realized she was right on and decided to setup weekly sessions for our son. 6 months later, he’s talking up a storm and we can’t get him to stop talking! The services were great and the piece of mind we felt when working with Courtney was super valuable to us.

Dave W., Delray Beach, FL

quotesbefore.pngMy child was having issues eating and Courtney was able to target the specific issue from initially meeting. She used oral motor techniques that she taught us to carryover at home. By the end of therapy, my son was able to manipulate various foods and textures thanks to Courtney’s continued therapy. We are so thankful for her and her services.

Molly B., Boca Raton, FL